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2000 Freisan/QH Event Prospect


Belladora 2nd at Dressage at Devon

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Kent Horse Trials

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lauren joa kent


Brownie with Joa warming up for dressage.


Nate with Lauren warming up for dressage.


Congratulations to Belladora, Blue Ribbon Winner at NEDA Fall Festival

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bella neda

bella, a three year old Dutch/Oldenburg mare, won her first dressage class with a score of 68%. She was tense and not quite her elastic self in the electric atmosphere of the NEDA Fall Festival of Dressage at Saugerties. Bella also watched the top jumpers compete in a nearby arena. After hanging out around the arenas she began to relax a bit and enjoyed the festivities. Bella was started by Rex Peterson and Cari Swanson 3 months ago and has progressed remarkably fast in her education. Bella is an outstanding young horse capable of excelling in dressage, eventing or jumping. Contact Cari to come try Bella at Windrock Farm.


German Martingale Designed by Rex Peterson


Rex designed this German Martingale after finding it impossible to find one on the market without all the rings in each rein.  His unique design is easy to use with a simple method of adjustment using conway buckles.  These 3/4″ harness leather reins come in English style connected with a buckle or Western style in split reins.

This is old system which helps collect the horse.  Rex recommends using it when the horse is unbalanced,  flips his head, or is unsteady in the bridle.  This system allows you to have draw reins which puts pressure on the bit, however when the horse is collected and balanced you are on straight reins.  This is a valuable training tool to be used by experienced horseman.

They are available for $95 plus $10 shipping from Rex directly.


Learn to Put Your Horse’s Head Down for Easy Bridling and Handling

This uniquely designed tool, the Sugar String will help you teach your horse to put his head down whenever and where ever you ask him to.  Designed by Rex Peterson as an easy and humane way to teach a horse to drop his head and open his mouth for effortless bridling and clipping around the head.  Taken to an extreme, the Sugar String can help teach your horse to walk next to you with his nose at your ankles.  In the movie Dreamer, the horse had to walk next to Dakota Fanning, the kid and safely keep his distance.  He also learned to carry her backpack and nudge her gently along.  Everyone wants a well mannered horse, and this tool is ideal to train your horse to drop his head and become submissive to you on command.  Check it out on the following web site!

Swanson Peterson Productions


It’s time for some holiday shopping at Windrock Farm

It’s high season for Christmas and holiday shopping. During this holiday season Windrock Farm is offering the first three of Rex Peterson’s Horse Wisdom training videos. Through Christmas we’re offering a 20% discount if you buy two full sets of the video series—or more. Also, we are offering free shipping on all products through Christmas–unless you need your shipping expedited.

Visit www.swansonpetersonproductions.com to buy yours today. You can also place an order by calling Cari at 914.456.3155.

If you want to add a high quality burlap bag with RJ’s hoof print, call Cari to let her know.

Jim Breitinger, Windrock West–Arizona and California


Entourage follows Joa at Millbrook Horse Trials

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The Millbrook Horse Trials took place last weekend where Joa rode Kestrel in the Junior Novice Division to finish 13th.  Following her progress over the weekend was her entourage of her fans from Windrock Farm with the Comet, Cupid, Dash and Freja.


Cosmo wins Third Place at Dressage at Saratoga

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Cosmo was relaxed at his first Dressage Show this Spring.  The weather was beautiful with sunny skies and cool breezes.  Cosmo showed in training level four and first level one with great success.  Joa rode him beautifully giving him a great experience over the weekend.


Rex Peterson working with RJ Masterbug

Rex Peterson showed off RJ Masterbug’s favorite tricks last week.


Kids Clinic at Windrock Farm all Summer

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kids clinic

Ten lucky kids can sign up for the Kids Clinic at Windrock Farm this summer,

bring your pony or horse or lease one of ours to learn how your horse thinks, how to ride in balance with confidence,

ride on trails, compete in monthly competitions at the farm for ribbons and prizes.

contact cari@cariswanson.com to sign up


Ninja Turtle Rides to School

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Eventing Support Crew

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Eventing is a fun sport comprised of three phases– dressage, cross country and show jumping. Preparation is key to success and each team of horse/rider also needs a ground crew of support to assist in grooming, checking equipment, supplying water. Generally the support team consists of loyal parents, trainers and friends. Here is the crew for Joa and Kestrel, Cupid, Comet and Freja handled by the Mom, the most important element of support.


Is Your Horse Fashion Forward

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This athlete arrived at Kent Horse Trials in style wearing a silky neck cover to protect his braids from being damaged in transit. Owning a horse allows you to enter an entire universe of horse gear and clothing appropriate to each season. As we approach the colder months ahead, this is a good time to clean and repair all of your blankets.

Kent Horse Trials

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kestrel-head-shot.jpg kestrel-kent-cx.jpg

Kestrel studies his dressage test moments before entering the arena to commence his performance. Sunday was a beautiful fall day with unusual warm temperatures and perfect footing. Kestrel went on to jump clear stadium and cross country rounds to finish on his dressage score for seventh place.


Indiana Jones III Finishes 6th in his Prelim Debut

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Indy greets his fans after a clear show jumping round at the Millbrook Horse Trials in August. Indy went on to run one of three clear cross country rounds at the North Carolina Horse Park at his first Preliminary event. He is scheduled to run in two more events before the end of the year.

Congratulations to Kayla and Beau!

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Junior Novice Champion at the Millbrook Horse Trials in August.

Beau jumps around a clear cross country and stadium course to finish on his dressage score for the blue at the Millbrook Horse Trials. This win qualified the team for the American Eventing Championships in Illinois. Here Kayla and Beau are standing with Maja who travelled from Germany to cheer on our favorite Irish horse. Congratulations!!

Kayla’s Mother is thrilled with her Victory!


Kent Horse Trials

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Congratulations to Joa on Kestrel who finished 8th at the September Kent Horse Trials. It was a beautiful day with many horses competing for ribbons in several divisions. Kestrel is settling into his new career eventing jumping a clear cross country round with style and confidence.


Luck of the Irish

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Beau jumps around Fitches corner with Kayla Burns, recently imported from Ireland and purchased by Kayla on her birthday,
he is from the Ginger Dick line of jumpers.


Fitches Corner Event

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Last weekend was one of the premiere events in the area at Fitches Corner. Laura Fazio gallops through the water in the Training Level division to finish her cross country round within the allowed time. The weather held for over 200 competitors and many more spectators who came out to cheer their favorite riders on. It was an exciting weekend and should not be missed next year.

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